Hi, my name is Oleksandra, and I am a UX designer
My strength
✅ Collaborative experience with developers
✅ I can lead design process from conception to delivery
✅ Strong accent on work organization
✅ Account for accessibility and underrepresented groups​​​​​​​
Skills and Tools
▪️UX Design
▪️Inclusive Design 
▪️Interaction Design 
▪️Motion Design
▪️UX Writing
▪️Product design
▪️UX Research 
▪️Equity-focused design 
▪️User Testing
▪️Visual Design 
▪️User-Centered Design
▪️Responsive web design 
▪️Dedicated mobile app design 
▪️Design Thinking Process 
▪️Information architecture
▪️Design system
▪️Interactive Prototyping 
▪️Analyzing and Synthesizing Data 

▪️Adobe XD
▪️Adobe Illustrator
What you get from hiring me
🔸 I have a collaborative experience working with developers in a company called YaikoStudio, and making separate projects as a freelancer, mostly for mobile devices.
🔸 I´ve helped companies turn websites into mobile-friendly experiences. 
🔸 My expertise is shown best on intuitive user interaction, logical information architecture, working with public design systems, and use of best practices accounting for designs to be inclusive and equity-focused. Due to this each person will achieve a fair outcome.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My job as a UX designer is to be conscious about the impact of underrepresented groups of people in businesses and transmit it in my designs. Therefore your product would meet the widest range of user´s needs. I make design choices that take into account personal identifiers such as race, age, language, gender, ability, and economic status.
More about me
I grew up in 🇺🇦 Ukraine, studied as a professional musician (Violin), then found the love of my life, and here I am, in 🇪🇸 Spain, combining concert life with UX design.
I believe that people can change, even for good, and to accomplish this all they need is the curiosity and desire to do so. Paying attention to people's behavior, interests and worries - you´ll see what pieces are missing for improvement.
My mission is to help people from underrepresented groups to feel seen when using digital products. That is why I always strive to create logically organized digital products with usability standards in mind, which will fulfill people's needs. 
Digital products are created for people to be used by people, and as a result I feel responsible to reflect today's reality in my designs.
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