Hi, my name is Oleksandra, 
I am a UX designer
I´m a freelancer working on designing for mobile applications and currently studying for the Google UX Design certificate which I am really excited about.
By education I am a professional musician (violinist), and love to play Bach. You have to focus a lot to make it sound good with all hidden polyphony, so that the listener can understand your point of view. That is why, I think, I gained interest in UX design, more specifically in interaction design and usability. 
I really think that using digital products shouldn't be so difficult! I like to guide a user through an application to make their experience simple, effective and enjoyable
We have a small company called  “YaikoStudio” which consists of 2 people: UX designer (me) and a developer.
The platform I love to work with are applications on mobile devices
Also I have a 🐕dog (it´s a shiba inu) and recently I have decided I´d like to have a japanese pond with 🐟fishes koi by my house.
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A dog shiba inu walking on the street
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